VOICE WITH ENSEMBLE - Cabaret Songs (2007)

soprano, clarinet, percussion, double bass, dobro and guitar

Figura Ensemble

Figura Ensemble

1. See How She Moves (Wendy S. Walters)
2. Old Ones (Wendy S. Walters)
3. Airport Poem (Wendy S. Walters)
4. Ma’s Kitchen (Wendy S. Walters)
5. At the End of the World (Nicole Krauss)
6. Spider Love (Wendy S. Walters)
7. Mushrooms (Wendy S. Walters)
8. Dog (Naomi Shihab Nye)
9. Black Hat (Wendy S. Walters)
10. One Fly (Wendy S. Walters)

Derek Bermel's work, Cabaret Songs was written for the FIGURA ensemble. The first performance of Cabaret Songs took place at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art the 4th of August 2007 with Signe Asmussen as soloist.

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Lyrics: Written by Wendy Walters.

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