SMALL CHAMBER ENSEMBLE - intonations (2016) Program Notes:

Program Notes:

I. Harmonica
II. Hymn/Homily
III. Hustle

"Intonations" is my first multi-movement quartet, inspired in part by the novel "The Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison. Each movement explores a distinct quality of the human voice, from the breath of harmonica blues to a gospel singer's melodic thread to vocal cadences in hiphop. It has been a great joy to collaborate with the JACK Quartet for several years, both as performer and composer.

Intonations was commissioned by the 92 St. Y for premiere performance on May 23, 2016 as part of the New York Philharmonic Biennial. “Harmonica” was workshopped and performed previously in June 2015 at the Tanglewood Music Center.  I'm grateful to these institutions and to Clement So and Ellen Highstein for helping bring this new composition to life.

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