Half & half

A collaboration with drummer/producer Nate Smith

Half & Half is a theatrical show involving a live band based on a character named 50% who wanted to be in the 1% but ended up in the middle of the 99%. He vents his frustration with his own life and reality through his rhymes. Loosely based off of the 1999 cult classic “Office Space,” Half & Half is a hilarious, yet poignant snapshot of one man’s hustle in the age of late capitalism.

Half & Half was created in collaboration with drummer/producer Nate Smith. It premiered at Bryant Park Presents: In/ter\sect on August 5, 2017 in a production directed by Elyse Singer, with the following musicians:

Nate Smith, drums
Marcus Strickland, saxophones
Fima Ephron, bass
50% (Bermel), vocals
Arthur Aulisi, actor